Events, Our main focus


One of our main activities is corporate event. Conferences, seminars, workshops, forums, etc., have no secrets for us! We support our clients by organizing their events.

After a first meeting (free of charge), by email or appointment, we fill an information sheet with our clients to understand their request well. A week later, we send them an evaluation of their project and offer an overview of the event.

We work in two ways:

  • We make a preliminary analysis of the event and submit a complete file and activities to implement, depending on the size of the event. This part can take 7 to 20 days of work with details to each task section to realize and global budget and summary. We never put the names of our consultants in the presentation file.


  • We directly start the event: we work directly with our network of consultants and present you the progress of the activities. The advantage of such an approach is that the customer can take part in the activities through regular meetings.

Projects Manager since 2008.