Who are we ?


J2 Management Consulting is a limited liability company created in DR Congo in 2007.

The company became active in 2008. It provides technical support and multidisciplinary services in the field of development cooperation.

The company aims at bringing its support mainly for projects management from preparation to implementation and closing phase. J2 Management Consulting provides a technical support by providing expertise in the required field.

Since its foundation, J2 Management Consulting has maintained its reputation of project managers. With its activities, the company has proved that it can organise professionally, plan in detail and perform with accuracy.

More than management and implementation, J2 Management Consulting also proposes and writes projects for national and international institutions in DRC and abroad. Since a few years, the company has also become a project designer.

Besides its main activities, J2 Management is also a consulting office that emphases improving the life quality of sub-Saharian peoples. It focuses its investigation SMEs development and access to finance, trade and trade negotiations, improving business capacity, social development and good governance.

For its interventions, J2 Management Consulting has a database of experts from various backgrounds who support its missions and advice on different aspects of Congolese society.

Projects Manager since 2008.